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DIY Wall decoration -stars on the wall

As a child, I wanted to become a astronaut, like almost every child in the world. But as I got older I stayed fascinated with the night sky.

I moved to Belgium when I was 11 which means that I am far away from a lot of my family members but every time I look up, I feel a connection with my birthplace, where home used to be. That is why I decided to bring that in my interior.

My vision of a home is, that it should be personal. By introducing feelings and experiences in an interior you give an identity to a space.

This project is a DIY that didn’t cost (almost) anything. I used felt chair feet pads and  black sewing thread to connect them. The smaller circles are made by black tape that I cut out in circles.

You can download the plan here and choose whatever shapes that you like to put on your wall, window or anywhere your hearts desires. I chose the Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and the dragon for our wall 🙂 .

This piece of home which is our sleeping room, got a whole other atmosphere by doing this. Now I don’t have to look up everynight to look at the stars. Specially when you live in Belgium where the sky is mostly cloudy. Now I have my own night sky.

PS:For the artlovers among us… I have a website where I put my professional Interior and art works on,  I made a painting that you can find by clicking on this link which is also about … ra ra ra the nightsky !

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