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Ikea Basic crush #1

When you have studied art or interior architecture, you might get the impression that Ikea is the symbol of cheap design. I disagree. Ikea is the playground of design lovers. You can find a piece of Ikea in EVERY interior (maybe not in the queen’s palace but I doubt that too 😉 )

What I really fell in love with, are some of the Ikea basic products. There are a few of these objects that you can buy and use it as a base for your own designs. You can easily change the color or, if you are more creative, use it for an other purpose in an other combination that you came up with. AND the good part is… your pocket will be very thank full too !!

Each Saturday, I will show you one of my Ikea favorites and what I did with it.

This weeks basic Crush is the BEKVÄM step, 9,99€ in wooden finish.  This object is very handy because of the fact that it is very flexible, it can be used as a chair, a step or you can put a flowerpot on it. You can easily change the color of it and when you are tired or you decide to change the interior … just repaint it!

What is the first Ikea product you can see right now? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a lovely evening (or day 🙂 )




 tabouret-31 tabouret-2instabouret-4 tabouret-21


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