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One of my specialties in Interior design seems to be(from what I hear at work) to find the perfect lighting that goes with an interior and the concept of it.

As I wrote in my previous post, I work in an interior design company which does projects for offices and a lot of the time we have conceptual works for which we propose different lighting. In that way I am familiar with a various typologies in lighting.

In this post I will give u a variety of the current pendant trends. To make everybody happy, I chose products that are high in trends but stay affordable.

Here bellow you will also find a list of the different products and their prices.


1. NUD Collection (Click) – link to Webshop (Click NudShop)

Item = Base collection

Wire = TT – 101

Bulb = Glob 80mm

attachment = Round white

TOT Price= 94 €

2. NUD Collection (Click) – link to Webshop (Click NudShop)

Item = Base collection

Wire = TT – 99

Bulb = White 125 mm

TOT Price = 93 €

What I admire about the NUD Collection , is the flexibility of it. you are free to choose from a number of fun colors for the wiring and bulb designs, and thanks to the GREAT website, you can see directly the price of your composition! I LOVE this product because of the fact that you can go as affordable as you want and stay DESIGN and CLASSY at the same time.

3. TOM DIXON (Click)

Product = Etch Shade Brass

Price = 375 €

4.Plumen bulb (Click)

Product = Plumen 001

Price = 29,95 €

5.Dark Lighting (Click)

Product = La Cage

Price = 147€

This is a Belgian product and I am proud to present.

6.7. MUUTO (Click)

Product = E27

Price = 59€

8. MUUTO (Click)

Product = Unfold

Price = 139€

9. Lee Broom (Click)

Product = Crystal Bulb

Price = 240 €

Let me know which one is your favorite, you already know mine 🙂 !

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