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Nud Collection- Base – Review

In my post LightMania I briefly talked about the Nud Collection pendants. Now I can talk about them more profound because… I got one!! And I must say that all my expectations are fulfilled. The color of the cord, the branding details, the smooth concrete finishing… I am totally in love. This product was originally a pendant, but I like it much better as a gadget. That is why I asked the handy Mr P. to convert it to a standalone lighting element.

Another great point about the Nud Collection is the user-friendly website they have. It gives the viewer a wide overview of all products in a single glimpse. Their webshop is even better… you only need to make the combination you like and you immediately see the corresponding price.

This is a great no-nonsense Nordic design and we love it here. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Nud collection : http://nudcollection.com/

WebShop : http://nudstore.com/ 

Thx to Nud Collection for making this post possible.




Beside the fact that you have many options in bulbs and wires, you can also choose a flexible bulb. By that I mean that the lighting element and the bulb are separate (see in the pictures above). This makes life so much easier… Often, when you buy a bulb, the lighting element and the bulb are connected. That way if the lamp is broke, you have to order a complete new one… (can be pricey sometimes) But with this bulb, you can change the lamp whenever you want to… When it is broke or when you simply want to change… Which is genius!




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