Look at the world with a Twisted eye

Earth – A beautiful place


It is been a while since my last post… I didn’t have the greatest week(end) and the drama it is not finished yet.

One of the things that I do the most when I feel down, is looking at  pictures, pictures from the past and after a while I close my eyes and try to sleep to keep those thoughts and change them into dreams. This way I can be close to some people and places.

I am not going to talk too much today just because sometimes we get so tired that words can’t express the feeling and I don’t want to make you guys depressed neither :)!

So to cheer my self and you guys up. I made my top 10 of the most beautiful places on earth ( in my opinion of course)  that are on my bucket list because of their amazing architecture made by of human or nature.

Close your eyes and dream away !

1. Nasir – Al – Mulk mosque – Iran – shiraz


2. Fall at Jadde Chaloos  – Iran – Chaloos


3. Paro taksang – tigers Nest – Bhutan 


4. Blue Lagoon – Icelandadriana-durian-photography-blue-lagoon_09

5. Eram’s Garden – Iran – Shiraz (looks like a scene from 1001 nights)


6. Green Palm – Seychelles ( No words … ) Seychelles-Island

7. Havasu falls – Arizona – US


8. Grand Canyon – Arizona – US


9. Elakala Waterfalls – West Virginia – Us


10. Fairy Pools Scotland




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