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Not just a Paper Bag – be-pôles Review

As you already know, I am a huge fan of typography. I think that introducing typography into an interior can be seen as a sort of pop-up visuals of your thoughts.

Be Pôles Studio is a branding studio based in Paris and New York. Their work is based on typography and simplicity. By using facts and translating those facts into a visual by using text and pictures, they make an image that lasts.

What I love the most about their amazing work is the purity of it. No blabla. Just Black and white on paper…  and they are still able to produce such a strong visual and meaning.

Beside the branding, they also have a few items, mostly stationary, and a few other things like garbage cans in the same style. But I must say…these items are not JUST stationary. Their uniqueness is made by their simplicity.

I am very happy to be able to post about this “IT-item” by be-pôles: Le Sac en Papier #1.

This bags are made the old fashion way, the brown paper is the same brown bag that was used as a sugar storage. These bags ARE NOT one-time usage bags. They are strong and sustainable enough to be used multiple times for multiple purposes. Sustainability is one of the bullet points of be-pôles afterall.

That is the fun part! The style is so Minimal that it fits everywhere. I am using one for my plants and the other one as a storage for my blankets. But we are planning to redo our home office and I can’t wait to use them in there. I already have an idea of what I am going to use them for next…

Don’t forget to visit their website www.be-poles.com

and their Shop : http://boutique.be-poles.com/


And Lets not forget about the minimalistic and,at the same time retro packaging.

The white paperbag comes in packs of 5 and the price is only 20,00 €.


Thanks to the be-pôles team for making this post possible.




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