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My Kitchen

The Kitchen… The room where we create in. The kitchen is the atelier of life… We prepare our meals in there, which gives us energy. I love cooking ! It relaxes me.

It is true that sometimes I am so tired after work that I just want to dial the Domino’s number and order something and eat it on the couch. But there are other days too. Sometimes when I have had a rough day, cooking takes my mind of stuff, and I have time to think about the good things, plan my next step on TwistedVi13 for example…

I tried to make my kitchen a fun space, a place that guests can spend time in it when I am busy cooking for them for example. I know… maybe its going to sound silly, but nobody can resist a blackboard and not write or sketch something on it. It is and stays a nostalgic element.

A blackboard is handy too, I write my plans for the week on it, or small messages too Mr. P, or my shopping list … Even though it has a  black color, it warms the space up with the nostalgic look of it. I don’t care if other magazines say that a blackboard is passé, I keep loving it in my kitchen.

What I also love is my miniature garden… or better said…plant :/. I love to use fresh spices like mint or thyme. Beside the better taste in our meals, it brings a touch of green in the kitchen as well. And if you choose mint … mmm the scent of fresh mint when you enter the kitchen, just lovely…

I want to share a few snapshots of my kitchen with you guys and know your opinion about it.


This cute turquoise tray is from the Scandinavian brand AVEVA. You NEED to check them out -> Aveva Website.

Aveva has the ability to give simple everyday elements, a fun upgrade with great colors. It is a great way to bring color into your kitchen.

They also have other fun products like woolmats and garlands. Aveva found its way to combine function, sustainability and color and I LOVE IT.


Untitled-2 10519499_10202741255836060_2720549919715004014_n

Just looking at this picture relaxes me…


And the final pictures shows us what happens to the blackboard after a housewarming party. 🙂

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