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A sparkly Weekend

Last weekend was magical.

On Friday, I helped a friend with gift wrapping. I love that! He couldn’t find his scissors which meant wrapping without using scissors… Challenge accepted! 🙂

Saturday morning, we were invited to the annual Breakfast at Tiffany’s event. That is and stays magical. Every time I enter the Tiffany’s and Co store, I feel like a little girl in the candy shop. I guess it is true what they say… maybe diamond are a girl’s best friend…

After that, I finally set up our Christmas tree. It is not a big one because of the fact that the apartment is not huge neither. I would rather keep it small and simple but enough sparkly.

Only thing that is missing … The presents!

How was your weekend ?

If you have any idea’s for cool presents, let me know in the comments.

Neg x

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