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Mini Town – Warsaw

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I work in an office in Brussels which is one of the market leaders in complete renovation and conceptual design of offices in Belgium. Designing offices may seem boring at the first sight ( that is what I thought too to be honest) but today’s demands for offices are changing. People are working longer hours, and that is why they want their workspace to have a home-like atmosphere.

So the modern offices are nothing like the boring cubicles and desks in a row as we imagine them. Every company wants something unique and a space where the employees like to arrive at in the morning.

This project is a great example of an un-boring office. It is a work of MFRMGR Frejda & Gratkowski Architekci  for Decerto (an IT company) based in Warsaw – Poland.

Their main goal was to step out the boring cubicle divisions and introduce a home-like office which increases the productivity of the employees. That’s when they decided to create a Mini Town…The cubicles are miniatures of flat roofed houses.

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“Plywood-framed windows cut through the walls are designed to create less claustrophobic working conditions for the inhabitants, but also to allow communication with passers-by.” Dezeen 

The staff actually started to put personal belongings on the plywood window frames which was totally unintended but very welcome. This completed the whole purpose of giving the office, a home-like atmosphere.

Decerto_01 decerto-04 Decerto_03 Decerto_09 Decerto_08 Decerto_06

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