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My Succulent propagating project Diaries

Hello ūüôā ,

So I fell in love with succulent plant… Specially with the baby succulents after reading this great post on how to propagate succulents o Needles¬†+ leaves.

The picture of those baby succulents (also the featured picture of this post for the moment) just made me go “ooowww I want those too !”(literally)

Photo : Needles and leaves
Photo : Needles + leaves

So I decides to plant my own baby succulents. This is my very first experience with succulent plants.

I already killed 2 of my Cacti’s ūüôĀ which broke my heart … and tried to root a bean … that dried out at the end. I am beginning this project with a little heart but I really hope it works!!!

I read a lot of blogs and post about propagating succulents and I feel like I get it now but seen my past with those Cacti plants and a murdered bean, I can never be sure

That is why I want to share a diary about this with you guys. I know that there are a lot of specialists out there and if I am doing something wrong or you have some tips about this, please share it with me.

Day 1

I went to Ikea and Brico and bought a 3 succulent plants, the BITTERGURKA planter to plant my 3 succulents in it , this cute little plant house SOCKER and ofcourse some cacti/succulent soil.



The succulents lost some leaves during the transport which was good since I wanted to propagate some succulents. ūüôā

I let the dry for 3¬†days on the kitchen’s windowsill.

DSCN4833Day 3

I couldn’t tell if the leaves were dry enough seen the fact this is my first time doing this, so I trusted the many tutorials and planted the leaves in the cacti/succulent soil and hazed it with some water.

To do that I use the Vichy water spray I got¬†as a sample a few months back. I am too scared to over water the succulents. I read that the leaves need more water then the adult succulent plants but I couldn’t find the amount of water they need anywhere. So I decides to be prudent and use this to haze the soil once a day . Now I am hoping to not under water the leaves :-/

Day 3 – Succulent propagating project


Day 5

So from now on , checking on these leaves is the first thing I do in the morning. But no change to be considered YET ! I am trying to be patient , which is very difficult for me. I am like a 5 year old kid waiting to open his Christmas present in this kind of situations.


Day 6

Nothing is happening …

Day 10

Still no change … I am getting nervous about this

So please let me know what you think and what your experiences are in the comments bellow. I can use all the help :)!

I Stopped writing about this because they were all dead and nothing happened at the end. I will try again soon and succeed !!! If you guys have any tips, please let me know. 

Neg x


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