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Brussels Design Market

September is also called design September in Brussels. There are all kind of activities around design and art available. You can visit museums, vintage markets and also the […]

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AirBnb Wishlist – Top 10 coolest locations Around the world

Airbnb is a booming way to book a temporary residence for a citytrip or a longer holiday. Me and Mr P. are big fans of this new way […]

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MIX-UP #2 : Nicolas Vahé – Ikea/ Kitchen Details

What Happens in the kitchen, definitely does not stay in the kitchen. Kitchen is one of the most important area’s in the house. sometimes I can spend hours […]

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Cosmetic meets Design – 5 Brands to pimp Up your Bathroom

Bathroom, Often one of the smallest room of the house. It is a space were we are most vulnerable and want to relax. The necessities are already present. All […]

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Must Visit Concept stores – Brussels

Lately, I watched a stand up comedy show. Alex Agnew is the guy’s name. I am not a big fan of Flemish stand up comedy, I prefer the […]

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