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AirBnb Wishlist – Top 10 coolest locations Around the world

Airbnb is a booming way to book a temporary residence for a citytrip or a longer holiday. Me and Mr P. are big fans of this new way […]

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Visiting Tunisia

We visited Tunisia in 2014. We didn’t really go any further then our hotel. Not because we didn’t want to but simply because we had everything around. A tennis […]

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A sparkly Weekend

Last weekend was magical. On Friday, I helped a friend with gift wrapping. I love that! He couldn’t find his scissors which meant wrapping without using scissors… Challenge […]

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Christmas at IKEA

Christmas is on its way… and everybody is in the holiday moods. The last two years, we used the same decoration for our Christmas tree…. but this year […]

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DIY Halloween Made of Paper

Halloween is coming … Every year we try to be more creative than the year before when it comes to seasonal decorations. But buying all that decoration can […]

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