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True meaning of Minimal

Art Déco, Art Nouveau, Rococo, Modernism, Classic,Industrial… We have seen it all. Today’s big Interior design trends seem to be Minimalism and Nordic/Scandinavian design. My opinion is that […]

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Nud Collection- Base – Review

In my post LightMania I briefly talked about the Nud Collection pendants. Now I can talk about them more profound because… I got one!! And I must say that […]

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DIY Halloween Made of Paper

Halloween is coming … Every year we try to be more creative than the year before when it comes to seasonal decorations. But buying all that decoration can […]

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Copper and Peachy Pink – Colors of 2015

In my previous post, I talked about the Pantone color forecast for the upcoming year. 2 of my favorites (in my selection) were Strawberry ice and Marsala. you […]

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Home Office – Inspirations

Since we moved in our new apartment, all the rooms are practically done. But the office is still hanging in there. A lot of people (me included) forget about their […]

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Ikea Basic crush #2 Nordic Wall Lighting

Hello Everyone, Sorry for my delay, I have promised to post an Ikea Basic crush each Saturday but unfortunately I don’t feel very well this weekend so I […]

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