Look at the world with a Twisted eye

How it all began.



My name is Neg and I live in the great city of Brussels together with mister P., Rambo, a spoiled Persian cat, and Snooki which is my goldfish.

If you are reading this, it means that I have the pleasure to introduce myself and my lifestyle blog written by me for all of you. I am an Interior Architect and my passion is all the beauties existing in the world.

This post is about how it all began for me. I started my blog off as Twistedvi13.be and after a year of practice, I felt like the blog could use some minor and major changes. TwistedVi.be is a project, a diary and a daily passion.

I am one of the chattiest persons that I know and this blog will help me share my experiences, questions, journeys, travels and creations with all of you. Don’t hesitate to tell me about your experiences in the comment section or by mail. I’d love to hear all about them.

In my opinion we only grow by learning out of our mistakes. I would be more than happy to read your opinion and point of views. It is only then that I am able to grow through TwistedVi, only if you guys, who are reading my posts, would help me.

I used to look at my life and sometime feel disappointed of the constant repetitions. But I came to the conclusion that alternation hides in small details that we often overlook because of our daily rush. I belief that TwistedVi will help me to appreciate those details again.





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