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Must Visit Concept stores – Brussels

Lately, I watched a stand up comedy show. Alex Agnew is the guy’s name. I am not a big fan of Flemish stand up comedy, I prefer the classic ones like Eddy Murphy shows. But this show’s subject was really interesting to me. It was about the fact that nowadays, we all want to have, do or even be something/someone special, out of ordinary…

I agree, I always try to create my own beauty by combining objects or by creating them myself. We can see this upcoming trend everywhere in the society. In our food, fashion , stores…

It is about that last one that I want to write today. Concept Stores.

I am always looking for fun shops to visit because I will always be surprised in those kind of stores. They often have products and brands that I  don’t know about. That is a great way to find out about the latest trends. An other reason why I love concept stores is the fact that in a small country like Belgium, it is hard to find all of these Scandinavian stores that I LOVE, but some concept store offer a variety of those brands. they obviously don’t have all the products but it is better to have access to a few of them then nothing, isn’t it? :)!

I will post some pictures from my favorite concept stores that I visited during the passed weekend. They are all situated in Brussels.

I snapped some pictures from blender 01 and hunting and collecting shops but I couldn’t take any in hei shop & tea but I will gladly show you what I have purchased in hei shop.

hei shop & tea is a small store situated at chaussée de Charleroi in Brussels. I really love the light but warm atmosphere of this shop. The products available are mostly (if not all of them) Scandinavian brands like The house Doctor, Bloomingville, Snug, Scandinavisk etc. The young owners were very friendly and ready to help which makes any store instantly more appealing to spend your money in 🙂 !

A fun extra fact : they also have a small kitchenette were they have a variety of delicious cookies. Definitely worth to visit!

My favorite brands available at the moment – Bloomingville, Snug, The House doctor, Scandinavisk

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I finally found my all time favorite RO Candle buy Skandinavisk and … I didn’t hesitated to put it on the counter !

Besides that I also bought these two cute marble geometric candle holders by Bloomingville.


The other fun treat for my kitchen (or the office … ) is this vintage looking scissors with leather handles.



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Hunting and Collecting is a very white and minimal Concept stores with a variety of products. I just loved walking around in this shop. There is not a single product that you don’t want to (at least) touch! An overdose of trends. There is a little something for every one! This store is situated in the center of Brussels  at rue des Chartreux.

My favorite brands available at the moment – L:A Bruket , fifty eight products, Eric Therner

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IMG_0231IMG_0224IMG_022688 IMG_0220IMG_0223I finally found L:A Bruket !!!!!!!!!! I didn’t buy any YET but I am planning to go back soon!


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And last but not least … Blender01.

A small industrial looking concept store with a warm interior also situated at rue des Chartreux. I found a series of NUD Collection lighting elements in there and I was very pleased with that!

I also bought a small but AMAZING present for my sister from this shop but I cannot post any pictures yet :).

Blender01 also has a small food section I must say … a VERY small one ! You can find a starterskit, insect themed, snack pack in there … Very interesting if you ask me!

My favorite brands available at the moment – Nud Collection, Plumen, Qualy, Monkey Business

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IMG_0237-blackjpgIMG_0238 IMG_0239 IMG_0240

© pictures by Neg Soh

Do you know any concept stores?

Neg x


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