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Origami is Hot – Snowpuppe & Strozyk

Origami , One of the most ancient forms of 3D art. Origami is a part of the daily lif of a lot of Asian countries but we lost this beautiful form of art out of sight for a little while.

BUT, it made its way back! Origami is very hot in the design word at this moment. What was sometimes considered as kitsch is now the new GEO.

I have prepared two of my favorite origami works of all time. these elements are all handmade which make them all unique.

First one is Studio SnowPuppe, a Dutch design Studio specialized in making amazing lamp shades, handmade, in paper, in all sizes and colors! Pretty impressive.

These shades can be placed anywhere ! As a cute finishing touch in the nursery or a fun eye catcher in the office, you name it!

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The Second one are the Art/Carpet/shade works of Elisa Strozyk, a German textile designer.

These amazing wooden Origami work is a 3D piece of art or a home element or both! The fact that her designs are so mudular makes them very interesting!

These products are hand made, piece by piece. That is already a fact that makes each element unique, besides that, the manner of how you choose to fold them, adds an other dimension of uniqueness to them.

I love it.


strozyk9 catalogue-wooden-textiles-2012


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Nice! I also love the pillows on the first picture.

January 24, 2015 (19:38) -

Yes they are really nice. I tried to find where those re from and i found a description which said 1+1 textil design twist pillow but i cannot find any link to that …so if someone knows where those pillows are from…please share

January 26, 2015 (00:19) -
Curly Red – www.curlyredstraightblonde.com

Vooral fan van de lampen! Super hip!

February 11, 2015 (13:53) -

Ja idd ! Ze passen letterlijk in elke interieur !

February 11, 2015 (13:56) -

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