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#UrbanJungleBloggers aka UJB

I discovered something yesterday. The most amusing way to integrate the plants into your my life.

I love my green friends, my most favorite plant at home is the orchid Mr. P got me. But unfortunately some of these plants have a short life . Urban Jungle Bloggers community is a fun (green) blogger’s community who introduced a unique way to deal with our plants.

How does it work? Each month UJB will release a theme and a flexible deadline to those who are subscribed to their newsletter. This months theme was Coffee & plants for example. Each person that feels inspired by the theme (it is not  an obligation obviously, it has to stay fun) posts a picture on his or her Instagram/facebook/twitter with  #urbanjunglebloggers tag or makes a blogpost about it. UJB will then choose some of those pictures and feature them on their website/facebook and Pinterest. The main goal of UJB is make a community and bring more Green into our daily and virtual lives. A wonderful initiative.

I found out about UJB just yesterday. I couldn’t wait to make my first picture. Since I didn’t have any plants near me then, I decided to Draw a few.

Meet my imaginary green friends :).

photo (4)

Here you have couple of casual snapshots of my (real) Pink friends :).

Neg x




Your real and your imaginery green friends are just fabulous! And thanks for joining our green community and spreading the love!

February 3, 2015 (16:29) -

Thank you ! It is worth sharing and thx for stepping by 🙂

February 3, 2015 (16:36) -

Awwww, that’s a sweet drawing of your plants & our UJB logo <3 Thank you for playing along, Neg! I'm sure there will be more green friends (real or imaginary) coming to your home soon, it's so addictive 😉

February 5, 2015 (14:17) -

You are very welcome Judith, it is a lot of fun and as I mentioned before , a great initiative <3 !

February 5, 2015 (14:23) -

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