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Visiting Tunisia

We visited Tunisia in 2014. We didn’t really go any further then our hotel. Not because we didn’t want to but simply because we had everything around. A tennis court, basketball ground, Pin pong tables, swimming pool etc. But the main reason was because I was really sick after the first night. Me and Mr.P. have a tradition (good or bad for you to decide), and that’s drinking Tequila on our first night of arrival on holidays.  So while we kept the tradition alive, I had the idea to go and lay next to the pool on the ground and watch the stars. But what we forgot to count in, were the temperature drops at night. So I got a throat and ear infection after the first night ( yoopi ). I got very tired ,very soon every day. So we tried to visit as much as possible around … the hotel ( which was not very much).

We  also booked a camel ride trough the cactus fields which was really interesting. We did a stop at a traditional Tunisian home where we ate a traditional home made meal at the farm. It was worth the thigh sourness of the next 4 days :).

Although this wasn’t one of our most adventurous trips, knowing the actual situation of Tunisia, I figured it would be nice to show you the side we witnessed and enjoyed. The friendly locals, the camels walking on the beach with the sunset as their background, the turquoise water, The smell of fresh home made bread filling the streets and the giant Cacti plants!

I am happy I was able to visit a small part of Tunisia.

Let me know if you have any traditions when going on a trip?


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