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Tehran Nights

Iran is often seen as a dangerous country but I can assure you, it is a miss perception mostly due to the media. But that is not what I want to discuss today. What I do want to talk about and show you guys, are the beauties of only ONE city in this big country: the amazing Tehran.

Youngsters enjoy their days by passing hours in luxurious coffee shops, such as Cafe Vicolo at Elahie, drinking the best pistachio smoothies you have ever had. They spend time with family, eating grandma’s one and only Ghorme Sabzi (an Iranian Gourmandise) or go for a walk in streets filled with the smell of fresh made Sangak bread or at the huge city parks and architectural bridges like the Ab o Atash (water and fire) bridge. If you’re the sporty type you can go climbing at Darband mountains during the weekend as well. If that’s not your thing, go on a shopping spree in the one of the luxurious malls like the Sam center in Fereshteh or if it’s not too hot, in the crowded but lovely old big Bazar. After the Bazar a visit to Emamzade Saleh’s mosque situated at Tajrish will definitely make you feel blessed. If you love old architecture, there are plenty museums and old Persian castles to go to.

The nights, as restless as the day, are spent outside or at friends’ having fun, smoking shisha and drinking whatever you want to drink.

Tehran is a lot like here, Brussels. Girls talk about boys all the time and boys talk about girls, but it is how they talk to each other that’s fascinating.

At night the Vanak square fills with Maserati’s and BMW’s on the move: socializing is done through the car window. It is actually really fascinating to see the techniques youngsters have developed to communicate this way.

Would I recommend a visit to Tehran? No, I would recommend the complete experience, a trip to Iran!


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these two pictures were taken by one of my friends who visited Mashhad. They are such peaceful pictures that I really wanted to share them with you.

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