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Brussels Design Market

September is also called design September in Brussels. There are all kind of activities around design and art available. You can visit museums, vintage markets and also the famous design market at Tours & Taxis at avenue du Port 86C.

Discover all the activities during design september @ Brussels : designseptember

I visited the design market on the opening day which was on 12 September as I wanted to be the first to get to all of those goodies. It was also possible to subscribe for free tickets on sunday via a link provided on their facebook page.

Beside a lot of Eames and a few Prouvé chairs , I was happy to see a few other design elements from the original series.

We bought a couple of things but the greatest pleasure was to wander around between all of those treasures and discover stuff I had never seen or heard of before.

I was most intrigued by one of the stands which belonged to FIN Funky Interiors. Besides their large collection of the Wassily chairs (or the B3) by Marcel Brauer and a lot of wooden objects, they had two other eye-catchers. Two amazing hand carved globes, made buy Bruno Helgen, an artist and designer that I had never heard of before. He makes globes with a diameter ranging from 20 to 75 cm. The bigger the globe , the “imperfect-er” it becomes due to the natural curves of the tree trunk they are made of. Those imperfect globes are also the most beautiful in my eyes. Like John Legend sings so beautifully in his number “All of me”: I love those perfect imperfections. This talented artist has a gallery only in Paris but the globes can also be ordered via Fin Funky Interiors.


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Photography by Neg Shorbi


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