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A bridesmaid in London

When I was planning my trip to London for the weekend, I imagined the trip a bit different than it went. I had plans to visit some coffee shops and concept stores to write about on my new blog, but that was not counting the big surprise.

We took the Eurostar around 18h from Brussels Midi to London st Pancreas and we arrived there around 20h local time. Greg and Isadora (one of my fashion and lifestyle blogger friends) were waiting for us at the station and I can’t tell you how happy we were to see each other after 5 months. We had a lot to catch up about, they were getting married.

The same evening we ate at a rather unknown Indian restaurant. Before we arrived at Star of Bombay, they warned us that the place wouldn’t be crowded but they assured us that it is the best Indian they have ever had in the big city of London. And it sure was!

The next day we woke up, did the usual getting ready and girl talk in the morning. I was at the door waiting for everybody to gather when Isadora grabbed me and told me to close my eyes. I wasn’t sure what to think. She sat me on the bed and asked another 4 times if my eyes were really closed. At that point Greg and Mr.P. were in the room too. She stretched my hands and put something that felt like a big box in them and shouted very excitedly “OPEN!” When I opened my eyes I saw a big spotted box with a pink bow around it. I managed to open the box but didn’t get the message immediately. I saw a collage of our great moments together, a box of Rocher chocolates, a bottle of rosé champagne , handkerchiefs etc. I honestly thought that it was a present simply because she missed me, but as often I wasn’t paying attention to the details. Every object was a piece of a big message. After 10 seconds, she couldn’t bare the excitement anymore and threw the box cover at me and shouted “Read!” … then came the tears … “Will you be my bridesmaid?”  That message changed my whole plan for the trip. A change that left me ecstatic.

isa box1 isa box2 isa box3 isa box5

We spent the rest of the day by having lunch with the guys and doing our wedding-window-shopping at Harrods after. Very cliché but it felt right at that moment. We visited shoe heaven, tried on a few of the bridal collection pieces at Louboutins and ended at Ladurée for a coffee and Macaroon break.

laduree 41
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Photography by Neg Shorbi


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