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From Portobello untill The Waterway

When I packed for our trip to London, I had a grey weekend in mind.So I packed a few pullovers and jeans, to make sure I was comfy and warm. But the two days we spend there, the sun was fully shining and we had a clear blue sky. We were nicely surprised!

Fall has arrived and winter is not far behind, so we decided to spend as much time in the sun as we could. That is the reason we took a long walk through London and it started by the Portobello Road Market. Isadora & Greg live in a cosy little appartment in NottingHill, so Portobello Market is basically in their backyard.

Walking through the vintage market, while the sun intensifies the pastel colored facades, brought an instant smile on my lips. I could spend hours on that road! One of the best Cupcake shops in London,The hummingbird Bakery,  is also situated at the Portobello Road. Because of it’s touristic location, it can be extremely crowed.

Next we headed for some place to eat. I was happy we were able to get a table at The Waterway.It is one of those hidden spots that when you find out about, you won’t miss a chance to spend time at.  A snug bar & Restaurant by the water (as the name indicates it),a little bit crowded but still very relaxing. The terrace is covered with artificial grass, and it is surrounded by bushes and wild flowers, which makes you forget about the English Rush. We had a few nibbles, emptied two bottles of Rosé and enjoyed the heat of the sun on our skins at The Waterway.


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