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DIY Fimo Marble Coasters

A few days ago I found out about Fimo Clay on Heju. Fimo is a Polymer used to sculpt, make jewelry or basically anything you want. The original series can be sometimes hard to work with. Either you can choose to add a softener or you can opt for the kids version of the Fimo clay which is softer to work with. Fimo Clay comes in many fun colors and finishes. They are really easy to use and mix to create new finishes. I am really enthusiastic about this. The price (in Belgium) for one pack of 57g varies between 1.80 euro to 2.80 depending on the finish or special effect.

I always wanted to make my own coasters that would go with my 3 Color Hay Kaleido Trays but never had the chance or couldn’t find anything that would match those colors. When I found out about Fimo, I knew immediately how I wanted to spend my weekend :)!

To get an original Marble effect you just have to mix the gray or white pack with a small amount of black. I didn’t use white for this one because the White Effect version I bought had a glittery shine to it. You can mix any colors you’d like to get a more funky marble effect.

To obtain a granite stone effect you have to add smaller pieces of (in my case) black on top of your semi flattened white Fimo and continue on rolling out the clay until you get the wanted result. I wanted to get an angular stone effect, so after rolling the clay a few times, I cut out some straight lines from the spots made by my black Fimo.

Each time I cut the edges to get my Hexagons I would use the surplus for my next marble effect.

With the final leftovers I decided to make little cute marble houses…recycle :)!

Finally, once you’ve made your shapes you have to bake them in the oven, preheated at 110° C, for about 30 minutes. Once done, let them cool off and you’re ready to go!

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