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Fall with a blossom – UJB post

Hello to you,

Did you stop looking at your smartphone for a second and take look around lately?

A peek outside that window and you see the leaves starting to fall off the trees and the sun giving up her place to the gray clouds. I can feel a little down during this weather change to be honest. I love the sun! I think I have a difficult time of letting the summer go. Specially if you live in Belgium which means that the umbrella becomes one of your daily fashion items.

So when I opened my mailbox a few days ago and saw this month’s theme of The Urban Jungle Bloggers , I was glad to participate. Flower and plants. Fall has arrived but nothing holds us back to bring some blossom inside our homes. That’s why we decided to adopt this beautiful Kalanchoe :).

I bought some jugs from Ikea with the mindset that I would use them to pour the fresh morning orange juice, but they are rather difficult to cleanup and I end up forgetting about them all the time. Yesterday while I was arranging my Urban Jungle tray, I came with the idea to use this jugs to put my plants in. I am really glad with the look I must say! What do you think?

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The last picture is so adorable- your cat and plant. I hope it wasn’t planning on how to attack your beautiful arrangement

October 8, 2015 (11:45) -

I think something went wrong when I tried to comment the first time. I just wanted to say how adorable the last picture is.

October 8, 2015 (11:46) -

Hello Barbara, Nothing went wrong with your comment. TwistedVi did undergo a few changes lately and I just saw that the comments options were still on manually moderate, which is changed now 🙂 . Sorry for that.

Thank you for your nice comment. He DID attack my beautiful flowers, unfortunately I had to move them somewhere else. Rambo is still a playful and nosy kitten, hopefully he will grow out of attacking my plants soon !

I am happy you like the picture 🙂

October 8, 2015 (11:58) -

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