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Cocos oil – part of my beauty routine

Hello everyone,

It is been a while that coconut oil is all over the internet. All the beauty bloggers, celebrities and magazines are talking about the benefits of coco.Not so long ago, Shay Mitchelle revealed how she got her shiny hair and beautiful skin. The nature’s butter is definitely the main ingredient for her.

After reading the article I thought, why not? I am not a girl who spends a lot of money on face masks and scrubs. I have a few basic items that I am happy about.  With coconut oil being all natural and everybody talking about it, I decided to introduce it to my nightly routine.

I got a jar of extra virgin coconut oil from a nearby Bio store because I didn’t want the oil to consist of any kinf of junk.

My routine starts often with lighting this Terrible Twins candle filled with pomegranate aroma’s to relax. (I love pomegranate!)  I use Delbôve Crème Sorcière &  Eau sorcière (which mean Fairy creme and fairy water… those names are just adorable) to moisturize my skin. Delbôve is a 100% Belgian brand. I already talked about Delbôve a few months ago. All of their products are completely natural. There is a great story behind this brand and the packaging is very elegant. Since begin this week I am trying to vary between my crème sorcière and coconut oil to remove my makeup. Both of these can be used as moisturizer as well as makeup remover. I like to remove my makeup with the coconut oil following by washing my face with warm water and dry it gently with a towel. When I use the coconut oil, I don’t moisturizes again after washing my face. My skin feels in balance after washing it. Coconut oil is already very greasy and can survive through the warm water. I hate the feeling of an oily skin in the morning but this is something you need to figure out for your skin type.

I also use the coconut oil as my lip balm. My lips can get very dry anytime the weather gets colder. I get lose skins on my lips after a day not moisturizing them. Cocnut oil smells really fresh and gives the right amount of softness to my lips. I also use it as my lip scrub. I apply it on my lips in the morning. After finishing my makeup, I remove the oil with a q-tip. This way I remove all the dead skin from my lips. I reapply a small amount of cocos oil and after that I can go on with my lipstick without having to deal with those lose skins.

Coconut oil is a natural antibacteria. This is why it helps to reduce acne and makes a great mouthwash. I also tried oil pulling which is an ancient form of oral cleaning. I basically take a teaspoon of cocos oil and swish my mouth with it for 20 minutes while doing my makeup. 20 minutes are long enough to kill those bacteria and detox and short enough for your body to NOT reabsorb them. It is rather hard to do this on an empty stomach in the morning but I hope to get used to it. The effects of oil pulling with coconut should be a whiter teeth, a fresh breath and stronger teeth and gums. I removed my braces last august after having to wear them for two years.I am trying different things to get whiter teeth now.

These are my personal experiences. You can find tons of article about coconut oil and it’s benefits all over the internet. I am definitely not the thinker of this beauty method but I want to keep this post updated to share my experiences with you.

did you ever try coconut oil as a part of your beauty routine? What are your findings about this? Let me know all about it in the comments.




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