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Plant Shelfie – Mini me’s

Hello Everyone, I hope everything is good over there 🙂 If not, keep smiling and everything will be !

If you follow my post for a little, then you might have noticed that I am a big fan of the Urban Jungle Bloggers community. This months subject is about plant shelfies. It is been a while that I have my plant shelves from the Ikea PS collection but the plants on it and one of my Serax Pantone planters didn’t survive the brutal attacks of the plant killer. Yes, Rambo is the plant killer…

So I had enough of that and I decided to get some Ramboproof plants. By that I mean plants that don’t make a sound when he walks by them and caress them gently with his hairy tail to mislead those poor plants, don’t move a lot when he goes and sniffs around them and don’t lose their leaves to show any weakness to the killer!

So far so good, he doesn’t show much interest in these plants for the moment and I am happy about that. I am not going to sing it too high, but mission might be accomplished ;).

To make the composition of my little cacti and succulents even cuter, I made a few mini me’s for them! Aren’t they ADORABLE? I was smiling while I was making those with my Soft Fimo’s. These stupid little things make me smile!  🙂

Neg x



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