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A City Castle – Classic with a Twist

Hello everyone,

This post is about a home that in my eyes falls out of the ordinary by it’s twisted details 🙂 !

A detached house, with white facades in the middle of the city somewhere in Limburg, Belgium. The owners of this little city castle are a family of three.

At first sight, the groundfloor has a classic style, but a closer look reveals small details that give a fun twist to the interior. The daring combination of the burgundy ceiling and the green walls offer a big amount of coziness to the big space. When you open the door and enter the living room, the smell of the burned wood from the fireplace fills up your nose. I could spend hours in there, accompanied by a good book and a cup of tea or a good conversation!

The stairs are definitely the statement feature of the house. A big Chrystal chandelier lightens up the dark wooden stairs. The high ceiling and the golden details make you feel like a princess in her own castle. Once you reach the upper floor, you enter an other mindset with bright colors and flowery walls.

Every room has it’s own colorful and unique wallpaper covering. It is like those small twisted details from the livingroom are held under a big magnifier and multiplied by ten! But somehow they managed to keep the harmony of the whole interior. That is what makes this home so different. There is an obvious visual change between the two floors but all of the details and rooms are part of a whole. A home!

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