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Easy Giftwrapping Idea’s

Hello dear readers,

First of all I owe you an apology. I have been absent for the few last weeks and I am sorry. I could say I have been busy and it’s been a little chaotic over here and at work but then again this is no excuse.

Secondly I wish you all a great Christmas and hope you are having great times with your family and friends.

This time the year makes me happy and sad at the same time. It is nice to have everyone over, give and receive presents, sing Christmas songs and just enjoy my loved ones but then I think about the my family in homeland. Each end of the year, between those laugh and smiles, a little part of my brain back in my head says that this will never be completely complete …

But this doesn’t stop the fact that I LOVE gift wrapping and here are a few of my gifts for this year.

First of all between all that happiness of the Christmas times, an other huge event happened in my life. My best friend got her first baby and it is the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen, Natan … <3

So me being a good aunt 🙂 , I brought up my gift wrapping papers and scissors and started crafting.

The Orca sleeping by Babybites bag, comes in a cute little box already.So I decided to leave it the way it is and made a few DIY yellow bows to decorate the box. You can find tons of instructions on YouTube to make those little bows. The sleeping bag is rather big for a newborn baby but the box comes with instructions and some other idea’s on how to use the bag differently untill the baby grows into it.

For our christmas gifts, I kept up with the cardboard colored theme. Ikea brought some nice series of wrapping papers with different motives but all in the same spirit which I really liked.

I tried to put every present in a box to have a sleek shape. This makes the wrapping a lot easier. As decoration, I was planning to make the same bow’s as I did for Natan but that would take too much time and honestly I don’t think my father would really care about the bow :p. So I chose an easier way and decorated the presents with a black cord and to add some color and elegance I added fabric ribbons with different motives but also from one series (I got those from Action) . As the finishing touch I wrote the owners name’s on mini blackboard name tags.

Let me know or see how you did your wrappings 🙂

Big kisses and I wish you all great Christmas days



Little note:

If you are planning to give that special someone the gift of their life, a fluffy companion

Don’t forget

Don’t shop , Adopt !!!



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