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Little Sock Monkey


My best friend’s birthday is on the 1 of January, and not that long time ago she gave birth to a beautiful little boy Natan. When a child is born, I feel that often the people around forget about the parents. Almost all the gifts and conversations will be about the baby.That’s why I decided to give something to both of them. I really liked the idea to give something handmade to Natan because a handmade gift has a story to tell from day one :)!

So here I am again with one of my most favorite DIY’s. A Sock Monkey. This is a super fun gift to give and to make.

To craft the sock monkey you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Thread : I used mosterd yellow thread to have a contrast between my dark blue socks and the stitches. I also prefer to not make my stitches to neat because I like to keep the homemade crafty look.
  • A needle If you are planning to make the stitches by hand
  • At least 2 buttons for the eyes , I also found some letter buttons which I used to decorate the back of my monkey and cover the “Classic By Canada” text on the sock.
  • Wool to make the hairs
  • Pillow stuffing
  • A second fabric in a different tone for the eyes is optional
  • Your extra decoration material

To make this monkey, first you have to cut the different part of its body. I marked those with a red line on the second picture bellow.

When you finished cutting the parts, you have to turn the sock (and the pieces) inside oud and start sewing. Don’t forget to keep one side open for the stuffing.

To stuff the body, I leave a smart part between the monkey’s legs open.When finished stuffing, I continue sewing to close every corner.

The tail is a little bit tricky to fill. You can also choose to leave the tail without stuffing which is also fine, this way you will have a flexible and playful tail on your cute little monkey 🙂 .

The fun part about these little stuffed animals is that you can choose the little details and give your monkey its own character, expression and accessories. Natan’s monkey holds a little paper bag which holds my best friends present in it.

When finished, just sew all the parts on the body e VOILA !

sockmonkey-1 sockmonkey-1-1asockmonkey-7sockmonkey-5sockmonkey-9sockmonkey-8


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