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A bright WorkLoft in Brussels

As an interior architect student, I always thought that I would design homes and residential projects. But I rolled into the wide platform of designing offices and public spaces. I had never thought that one day I would be doing this. The sound of it was didn’t attract me at all. ” I design offices” can sound a little boring. But The truth is completely the opposite… When designing work spaces, we get the opportunity to create things that would never enter a home. Thinking completely outside the box. The companies have to impress the clients so they want uniqueness and originality. Big bright logo’s and pictures, crazy forms and shapes in the flooring, mixing and matching different colors etc…

Nowadays offices are becoming more and more home like. People are spending more time at their workplaces . Workdays became longer so employees want to feel at ease when they are doing their jobs. A little bar, lounge etc… Work offices are transforming into work-lotfs. Openspaces with a few cool features to keep the atmosphere light and inspiring.

That’s exactly what I wanted to create at The Oval Office in Brussels ( no not the presidents of US office :p ) The sleek choices of furniture and the high ceiling gives this workplace/loft a refreshing look and feel. The long bar/kitchen is the central meeting point and therefore ensures the daily interaction between the employees during a “koffie klets” as we say it in Belgium :). The charming setting of the historical Tour & Taxis did of course play it’s part in the uniqueness of the end result.


Project name : The Oval Office Brussels

Realisation : Alternativ workspace Solutions

Design : Negar Shorbi  & Greet Demunter

Picture credit : Serge Brison






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