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Life is full of surprises. When I got my 1 year fixed fitness pass in last April, I thought it’s a good thing that it is for 1 year, this way I have to go and work out if not I will be paying for nothing.
On that moment, my life seemed so clear and I thought I knew where I was headed but as I said, life is full of surprises…
We are planning a big move, not to another city but to a whole other country, which means new home, new people, new environment, which is super exciting but it also means looking for a new job. I always loved my job here in Brussels at Alternativ, there were ups and downs like in any relationship but after all, I enjoyed my time here. It is time for a new chapter, I am very excited about this big change. I know that it is only 2 hours away from “home” but it seems so far away for the moment, I am still processing. The only thing that is certain is that as of 1 of February I won’t be singing Bruxelles ma belle anymore.


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