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Hair idea – a romantic flower crown

Winter is definitely in the country. The natures has a white shadow over it, not because of the snow but because of the little ice crystals which are taking over. While I am drinking my hot green-tea and making good use of my free time, I came across these pictures. My pretty flower crown which I made for a birthday party last September. An explosion of color comparing to what I see now when I look outside. When I saw this, a rush came over me, a rush to get back to the summer, the sun touching my skin and flowers everywhere. It is strange how a memory can make you time travel. A flower crown is a great finishing touch that gives you a unique outfit with a romantic touch when needed, specially when you have a short haircut and cannot do a lot of up-does  🙂
It was Mr P. ‘s brothers birthday party and the theme was the ancient Greek and Romans. So I decided to go as Persephone and Mr P. as Hades, Greek god and goddess. If you don’t know the myth of Persephone and Hades, I recommend you to watch this video. It is a sad story about the strength of love between an man and a woman on one hand and a mother and her daughter on the other hand.

Love can make you do the strangest things.

Neg x


crown-1 crown-2crown-4 crown-5crown-3



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