Look at the world with a Twisted eye
Fall with a blossom – UJB post

Hello to you, Did you stop looking at your smartphone for a second and take look around lately? A peek outside that window and you see the leaves […]

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Moodboard – Deep blue and green -Outgrowing the Whiteness

It’s been a while that I am after everything bright and white with a few touches of natural colors. The Scandinavian interiors stole my heart, but¬†something has changed. […]

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My Succulent propagating project Diaries

Hello ūüôā , So I fell in love with succulent plant… Specially with the baby succulents after reading this great post on how to propagate succulents o Needles¬†+ […]

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Hanging planters & DIY

Hello bloggers and non bloggers :). Today is the new release date of this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers posts. This amazing blog made by the two talented Igor and Judith interior […]

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#UrbanJungleBloggers aka UJB

I discovered something yesterday. The most amusing way to integrate the plants into your my¬†life. I love my green friends, my most favorite plant at home is the […]

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